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You can now build PCs on your custom built PC! This is an awesome concept for a game that was long overdue. And while this is aimed at PC enthusiasts that already know the ins and outs of PC building, I can see it making a good impression on folk who want to enter the community, and even serve as a very basic interactive tutorial.

The Pros:

Cases Are Very Detailed - All the cases in this game are very accurate and mounting components in them are different, just like in real life! For example, I happen to own the NZXT H440 that is also present in the game, and I was so amazed by the little details they included, like not being able to change the front fans before removing the drive bays, or the little PSU bracket in the back. They even included the fan splitter that comes with the case.

Mistakes Matter! - If you forget to plug everything in, the PC won't boot up properly. If you forget to add thermal paste before installing the cooler... it will overheat. Adding a weak PSU to supply power hungry components won't end well either. They made sure to represent the real world scenarios as closely as possible.

Incredibly Relaxing Timewaster - This is a fantastic game to pick up when bored or when just wanting to unwind. Lay back, put your favorite playlist or podcast on and just build PCs... time will fly. And if you really want to just relax, then rejoice! There is a free build mode also!

The Cons:

You Can Cheat your Clients - Some of the rules for repairing a PC are poorly defined. Say a client comes with a broken HDD than needs replacing. If he has two of them and you only swap out the first one, the game thinks you did it because there still is a working HDD. Or if he comes with a bad stick of 8GB of RAM, you can put a 2GB working one and no one will bat an eye. I guess this would be OK if there were repercussions to your shady business practices, but I have yet to receive angry emails from clients so...

Menus Need Reworking - As I've seen from the Alpha videos, menus have gone through many iterations and I'm sure this isn't the final one. But so far it's a bit of an inconvenience having to sort and search through items when shopping or building a PC from scratch. The menus look ugly and aren't as responsive as they should be.


Add VR Support - Imagine how cool it would be to actually hold the components in your hand before installing them and actually twisting your hand to screw them in. I get that there will be caveats to this and ultra realism would be hard to accomplish, especially regarding cable management, but it would be a great later update once the base game is complete.

Hire Helpers? - At first, you start small, and you need to do all the work. But once your business is thriving, wouldn't it be awesome to have the ability to outsource the tedious stuff like inventory management to other people? Or even simpler, open up another branch and have them take a few clients? (They would work slower than you, but provide a small, passive income).


This game definitely has potential! And seeing how it is partnered with so many reputable PC parts brands, I'm inclined to believe this won't end up like most early access games here on Steam. (see disclaimer below). That being said, I cannot wait to play the full game and I definitely would recommend this game once it's finished!


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