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The Zurks are an RNG-fest. Most of the time they'll helplessly launch themselves in your general direction and might even explode out of sheer shame.

Then there's the random Zurk possessing the powers of both Usain Bolt and Kobe Bryant and an insatiable bloodlust for cats. This Zurk has opened its mind's eye and knows where you're going before even you do. There is game release date no escape from this Zurk, and there's also no consistency in where it'll appear.

As a result, even though I've tried to minimise the amount of time you spend within farting distance of the Zurks, at certain points you're still just going to be rolling the dice. Expect to retry a good deal of times, but with the path in this guide, you should definitely be able to do it within one sitting.

If you're wondering why my cat looks different, it's because I modded the texture to match my cat Dibley.


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