nobunaga's ambition: shinsei review

Graphics, controls, concept of governance have certainly upgraded since the last few gens. It is a casual grand strategy game that is artistic and memorable. It is highly recommended for anyone getting into the series to start off with this game or Sphere of Influence. But unlike it's predecessor's spinoff title Ascension, Shinsei does not feature "Officer Play", meaning that throughout your playthroughs, you are tied to only review being able to play as a Daimyo.

 Although as I am currently writing right now, there are several bugs that have appeared in the Traditional Chinese versions that do not appear in the Japanese version, such as, missing custom officer voices, and an inability to show certain Chinese characters when typing. None of which are game-breaking, but slightly disappointing considering that the three versions released at the same time. That being said, it is definite that I would only recommend this game if you are at least semi-fluent in reading Traditional/Simplified Chinese or Japanese considering there are only such 3 written scripts in-game.


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